About AP

The small town of Aspen Colorado is a very unique little world where all sorts of personalities come together to celebrate a common theme, a love for skiing, maybe.  But more importantly a love for all things cool, fun and happy.  In Aspen, if you’re not having fun and not happy well that just ain’t cool.  Aspen is a special place where a sense of freedom and excitement is wisped through the mountain air.  There are artist galore, world class cuisine and famous musicians all at the foot of some of the greatest skiing in the world, a lifestyle rooted in happiness.  When we are outside during the winter skiing, we are exercising and breathing in fresh air, so we should be happy.

So why Aspen Personalities? we’re not getting any younger, physically speaking.  I believe I’m only as young or old as I feel, and act.  So make life about “All things cool, fun and happy”.  Like my daughter says, “I just want to have fun and be happy dad”. Me too honey. Aspen Personalities (AP) is about people and the things they do that stir those emotions and inspire us to appreciate all there is in life no matter our situation.  At AP we’ll check out everything from musicians and artists to athletes and heroes.  We’ll discuss the finer things in life, like a cold beer with friends or a gripping lecture on health as it’s related to the next generation and beyond.  We’ll find the people that embody Aspen Personalities, take you to them and to their stories.  Whatever it is that’s cool, fun and happy we’ll capture it and write about it, even though my grammar sucks!