But the Fishing

One day last week myself and two buddies arranged for a day of fishing down on the Cape.  One of those buddies has a boat in Wellfleet Harbor.  With the calendar flipped to October we knew we only had a few good fishing days left.  Well, this day wasn’t good, it was perfect, at least the weather was perfect.  Have you ever heard the expression “skunked” when referred to fishing?  It means you didn’t catch a thing!  Millions of bait fish in the water, with tiny gulls diving in for a meal and not a single striper driving up from underneath  to splash and boil the ocean’s surface.  Nothing, nada, zilch…..SKUNKED.  But for the record I did catch three small Mackerel.  We used them as live bait and still came up empty.  It was however an epic day weather-wise.  We got out about 30 minutes later than expected as D and D was “worth the trip”.  After loading the boat with all our tackle, gear and beer we were off to Race Point in Provincetown.  I had been texting with a friend from high school, Rob Conery, (checkout his interview for his novel “Winterland”) who writes a fishing report for the Cape Cod Times.  I was asking him “where are the fish?”.  He suggested Billingsgate, right outside Wellfleet Harbor and Race Point.  He said if we catch anything by 2pm he would put it in the paper (he did, read the report).  Cool.  I kept Rob up to date on our beer drinking and baby whale spotting, but no fish.

As we rounded the rough tides of Race Point, in depths of 200 feet to the ocean’s bottom, the waters calmed, the sun beat down and Kevin lit up his second stogie, no thanks.  I had the Gopro rolling when I spotted two humpback whales about 50 yards ahead.  We motored slowly over to where we last saw the two giants.  As we approached we knew they had gone deep below passing quietly.  We spotted one more humpback later on, but it was the Sunfish and our spoof on Jay and Mikey, the now famous duo who couldn’t tell the difference between any sea creature and a sunfish, that kept us laughing.

Perhaps it was hurricane Joaquin that chased the elusive schools of striped bass out into the great Atlantic Ocean, maybe it was Doug’s impression of Mikey and Jay.  At the end of the day it wasn’t about the fish, but the Fishing.