London Bridge is Falling Down

So I thought I was on London Bridge because its was very ornate and grand looking.  Turns out it was Tower Bridge and London Bridge was not very exciting at all.  Of course Tower Bridge did have four giant towers but really, don’t you think they should change the name?


What I enjoyed most of all in London was watching all the people commute to work on either a bike or running with a backpack on. There were plenty of walkers but the bikers and runners were cool to see.

When I arrived Tuesday morning at 6:30am, after not getting any sleep at all on the plane, I found myself in the customs line checking the voting results from my election.  I ran for Board of Health in Southborough. Well, there I was in line when I saw that I had won, with 70% of the vote.  I started telling people around me.  They were like “jolly good chap” .  Nah they weren’t, of course they looked at me like I was a weirdo.

Yeah, so that flight, a red eye, it sucked.  I was in the back, in a middle seat between one big guy and one medium sized guy.  Both were older.  One fellow was from Ireland, the big guy, and was very knowledgeable about American sports.  He said he was at the Patriot’s last Superbowl, ya know “their FOURTH” Boo-ya.  Half way through the flight he pulled the blanket over his head and the seatbelt around the blanket.  I found myself wondering if he was still alive.  I’m sure it didn’t look good.  The other guy was a comedian turned minister or the other way around.  Good times.

In all, my experience in London was great.  I was there for a brand conference.  Sales and marketing people are fun.  We were lucky with the weather.  The first two days was sunny and warm.  Those two days I was able to do all my sightseeing, I even saw Prince Charles and “what’s her name”.  We tossed backed a few pints for-sure that day, and night, not me and ole Charlie, but me and the sales crew.  Wednesday after the conference about thirty of us dawned Inov-8 gear and ran through the streets of London.  That was very cool.

I had fish and chips, a ride in a London cab, a few pints etc, I really like that place.  But please change the name of the bridge!