Wellfleet Oyster Festival- Mulligan take one

Ok, so I didn’t make 30 days but I’m right back on the horse today.  The Wellfleet Oyster Festival for all its succulently slurping oysters and cold beer was a mere bump on my road to 30 days.  As a matter of fact I will start the clock again.  Remember no one is perfect unless they are 6 feet under and that just shucks, I mean sucks.  Look at these pictures, they scream good times.

Arriving late on Saturday, 4pm,  allowed us to to avoid parking in Eastham and paying $20.  However, main street was still crowded, with a fair amount of well lubricated patrons.  In the spirit of AP I can say we weren’t having fun yet and not so happy.  That will happen with 2 kids after being in the car for 2 hours and 15 minutes.  They just wanted to head to our friends house and play with their kids.  Kristen and I decide “hell we drove all this way, we will go to the festival”.

We pay $10 to park at the local church, walk the short distance to the entrance of main street, pay $5 per adult and immediately pound a dozen oysters.  I like my oysters with just a squeeze of fresh lemon, sometimes a drop of horseradish-heavy cocktail sauce, but just an eye drop.

I usually can’t go anywhere without recognizing someone I know and at this point I have already recognized two people I know, one is the cofounder of Reach the Beach.  By Sunday I saw 5 people I know.

We did our damage and the next morning, we woke up to this,

Our host and I took off for a morning run along the Wellfleet harbor.  The weather Sunday was a bit chilly to say the least, about 20 degrees cooler than Saturday.  For lunch we hit up Mac’s Shack, insert thirsty beverage picture now.

In the end I drank more beer than water.  I could have eaten healthier, I could have run longer.  Instead, I enjoyed my family, my friends and 20,000 other oyster loving party people.  So I will take my first mulligan in my 30 days to fit and healthy.  (Yes, a Wellfleet cop told me 20k attended Saturday.  I believe it).

Our final tally was about 14 dozen oysters between five people, including my 8 year old daughter who quite frankly was like a seagull chasing its last meal.  We couldn’t keep her away.

Today, Monday, its back to eating healthy.  Green drink, coffee, eggs/spinach, water for breakfast.  Lunch, egg sandwich water.  Snack, hummus, pickles, orange peppers, crackers, water.  NO OYSTERS

Workout; 5 mile run sporting some sweet Inov-8 gear..