30 days to fit and healthy

For a long time I’ve wanted to go 30 days of eating clean and working out, and writing about it.  Its not easy, not even to start.  I’m not 30 years old any longer, I’m 42 with 2 young girls.  My wife works and I’m always onto something.  There are plenty of reasons or events why I can’t start or keep it going the past 2 years but only one reason I can, because I want to.  I can name 3 social events coming up within 2 weeks that will involve alcohol, candy, desserts and junk food.  The first two weeks are the hardest when it comes to strict dieting.  If I/you can make it two weeks without cheating then after that it gets easier.

I won’t be doing any particular diet.  Paleo is pretty hard to do.  I eat meat.  I eat tons of vegetables.  I don’t eat 100% organic or gluten free.  I don’t consume much dairy.  I will eat cheese if its part of a recipe or a cheese burger.  For this 30 days I will avoid dairy.

So this is what I will do, as often as I can I will write about each day and post it.  I will post everything I ate and drank and my workouts.  I will post a before and after picture as well.  And at the end I will roll it up into a book you can download.  I will even try to get a physical exam with before/after measurements, including cholesterol, body fat and how far I can wrap my leg around my head, ha.  My neighbor and friend works over at Inov-8, a kick-ass shoe and apparel company right out of my home town in Southboro.  It is a UK based co. but I would say the U.S. is the bulk of their business, I could be wrong.  So I will be showing off some sweet workout gear as I burn and build my body.  Thanks Chris-


I’m an all or nothing guy.  If I cheat its really hard for me to jump back on 100% so I will summons my inner Jedi Knight to fight off the evil dark side.  Most people may want to give themselves a mulligan or 2 in a 30 day stretch.  I think I got this one.

I’m not doing this for any particular reason.  I’m not doing it for a race or because I think I’m overweight.  I’m really just doing it because I want to feel better.  The past two years has not been easy.  I know, life is never easy blah blah-BS.  Sometimes life IS easier, when we are in better shape and are healthy.  That is a fact and I know it because I’ve been there.  I want to go back.  So yes, running a race will be easier.  I might be running faster because I’m in better shape and running faster is hard, but you know it, its a different hard.  Its a damn good hard.  You know that feeling after a great workout, after a week of great workouts.  That’s why I’m doing it.

BTW- if you know my story you know my wife and I educated ourselves a long time ago when we struggled with fertility.  When there is a real health problem you get serious with your food and your stress/hormone levels.  You search for information and find people and gain knowledge and share it.


Food this am: green drink- as always 8-16oz of Amazing Grass green super foods (I love this stuff.  The key is cold, cold water and shake/mix it really well.  I use my Nalgene bottle)  banana with almond butter, coffee, and a bite of home made bread my neighbor brought over. Yum.

water 16 oz

Lunch: half chx salad wrap- romaine/tomato- some egg salad.

Snack-1/4 cup egg salad, almonds, cashews, 4 slices of ham

Water 32oz

Dinner: HM enchiladas ham/egg/vegies

Lemon water- hot water with fresh squeezed lemon.  This is a great drink especially in winter but anytime.  Make it cold in the warmer months.  Lemons are naturally detoxifying because they have a  higher  ph level.  They are more alkaline.  Beware- it will make you pee a lot so drink it well before bedtime so you aren’t getting up when you should be sleeping.

Workout- 10 hill repeats on Ledge Hill