Imagine Dragons


Would you believe it had been 9 years since Kristen and I had gone to a real live concert!  Imagine that? (pun intended)  Yup, 9 years.  Ironically we could have gone to this show and paid half price if I had bought the tickets months in advance as I had intended.  But no, I waited until 5 nights prior under moderate to heavy beer sedation and bought up 4 tickets.  We took our good friend Ray and ate the 4th ticket cause no one could go last minute, what the hell? oh well.   It was worth it since we saved 9 years worth of ticket cost.  I knew if we were going we needed to be on the floor and the floor was packed-tight.  We could hardly move at all.  Some how we managed to dance and shake a bit.

Neither Kristen nor Ray knew many songs from Image Dragons.  However, once the show was over I know Kristen was an instant fan.  We downloaded the rest of the album from iTunes and played it for days.  It was great.  At one point toward the end of the show giant beach balls came rolling into the crowd filled with confetti.  Eventually they burst as confetti flew through the air.  It was so cool.

During the show the band often highlighted their talents on the percussions.  You can see in the photo one giant drum.  It had to be 10 feet tall and everyone seemed to have a drum set in front of them.  Front man Dan Reynolds was tossing drum sticks all over the stage, but lit up the drums any time he had those sticks in his hands.  Of course there was the drummer, Dan Platzman, who totally destroyed his drums with da’ beats.

Dan Reynolds spoke several times to the audience.  Once it was about how the band started.  Another time it was about his band members all attending Berkley School of music in Boston.  And once about a friend, Tyler, who lost his fight with cancer and how he inspired one of their songs.  When they played it the entire building was lit up with iPhones.  That was cool and sent chills up my arms.

After the show was over Kristen and I were re-inspired to see live music.  Imagine Dragons put on an awesome performance and we’ve been missing that in our lives for a long time.